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Experimental Physics III

High Resolution Spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. Dieter Suter

Room CP-03-162

Tel.: (+49)231 755-3512

Spectroscopy of Dynamically Disordered Solids

Prof. Dr. Roland Böhmer

Room CP-03-175

Tel.: (+49)231 755-3514

Physics and Disarmament

Dr. Jürgen Altmann

Room CP-03-163

Tel.: (+49)231 755-3520

Charge transport and polymer dynamics

PD Dr. Catalin Gainaru

Room CP-03-164

Tel.: (+49)231 755-3515

Terahertz high-field spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lange

Room P1-E0-107c

Tel.: (+49)231 755-4910

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Cooperative research projects