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Experimentelle Physik III - Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Suter


Properties of Si vacancies in SiC

Harpreet Singh In collaboration with Andrey N. Anisimov and Prof. Pavel G. Baranov, Ioffe Institute St-Petersburg


Silicon vacancy centers in silicon carbide (SiC) have attractive optical and spin properties. The vacancy formed by a missing silicon atom is tetragonally surrounded by four carbon atoms. We are focusing on the vacancy centers in the 4H-SiC polytype, where two inequivalent Si vacancies exist, termed, V1 and V2, with cubic and hexagonal symmetry. The zero-phonon line of V1 occurs at 862 nm and that of V2 at 917 nm. The V2 type of vacancy shows optical alignment and carries a negative charge, trigonal pyramidal symmetry, and has a spin state S=3/2.